The Nueropsychology of Marketing

New Release:
The Power & Dangers of
Reptile Marketing

Get a free audio chapter that explains the neuropsychology about why you're doing  your marketing all wrong.

Client Feedback

The Advocates Personal Injury Firm
"It Was For Sure Worth It"

Mathew Driggs Sr. Partner, The Advocates

We do a lot quite a bit with TV, Radio, really everything, but we just wanted to get it to another level so we contacted Josh…he came back with an incredible compelling plan…I can tell you it was for sure worth it for me and our firm, we really got a lot out of it!

Executive Director
"Came Back With Amazing Ideas"

Janet Farnsworth Executive Director, West Ridge Academy

I hope to be seen on Oprah Josh!…We needed some help in figuring out how to brand ourselves…this process has been really quick and amazingly painless. It was an afternoon talking about what we do and then you came back with a lot of amazing ideas. I feel like we have a blue print that we can do right now!

Personal Injury Attorney Recommends Joshua Hoopes For Expert Reputation & SEO

Thaddeus W.Sr. Partner, Injury Law

They’re an industry leader in their field. Not only do they know how to help drive business to your company, they also knows how to manage the brand name that you already have worked hard to build. Additionally, they are one of the few professionals I know in the marketing field that has the underlying knowledge to assist with complex SEO issues such as audits to help determine if you are actually getting what other marketing companies have promised to provide.

"Taking Price Out Of The Equation"

Blake C. Owner, Valley View Granite

We were looking to expand our market and sought Josh out even though we get multiple calls a day with people wanting to 'help' us with our marketing. We were tired of competing on price and now we know how to do it. We now have an effective company wide strategy.

Karen S.Founder / IRS Court Tax Resolution

My firm has worked with them for a year. Due to their expertise we have gained national exposure. We have used other advertising methods in other years but using them has been our most successful endeavor. They are a delight to work with.

They demonstrated themselves to be the consummate professionals in their field. In working with my firm, they have shown great competence, integrity, and a habit of listening to their clients. I cannot recommend they enthusiastically enough.

Sam H. Sr. Attorney / General Litigation
Jake J.Founder / IRS Resolution

I recommend Power Law for the marketing work they did for my firm. The marketing moved my company directly to the first page in Google. These strategies have worked for my business. I will continue to use their service.

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